Our Approach

We believe that a combination of design, creativity and research ensures positive results and above all adds value to your business.

After we meet with a client and discuss their design needs we then follow a process that our experience over the last ten years has proven to be effective to guarantee a successful outcome.

We start with a design brief, we do the research, ask a lot of prodding questions, establish an appropriate plan of action, and, above all, always determine what needs to be communicated before thinking about what it should look like. We then produce a solution that is distinctive, memorable and best reflects our clients needs.

We have broken the process down into the following steps to illustrate the process more clearly:

We write a design brief
We research
We ask questions
We establish an appropriate plan of action
We brainstorm
We ask more questions
We produce concepts
We thoroughly investigate these concepts
We present these concepts
We get feedback from our clients
We work up the chosen concepts
We present these to our clients
We work up the final designs
We prepare the final artwork / we build the website
We manage the print / we test and upload the site
We ensure a successful outcome and positive results!