Skylift is recognised as the market leader in the hire, sales and training of Powered Access Equipment (machinery that helps people to gain access while working at height) throughout Ireland. The main aim of the new identity for Skylift was to create a distinctive logo that would look equally striking on the company's corporate literature as it does 141 feet in the air. The arrow shape in the logo represents the movement of the machines - as well as gaining height they also have the capabilities to manoeuvre into hard to reach places.
Safety plays a very important role for the company and the square surrounding the arrow in the logo portrays this. Three sections are also created within the square shape which represents the three sectors (Hire, Sales and Training) within the company. The level angle on the base of the arrow represents the level positioning of each machine regardless of it's terrain. The font chosen was strong and bold with soft edges, once again echoing the scale and size of the subject matter while highlighting their agility and manoeuvrability.
The new logo was introduced across a variety of platforms, including a stationery suite, corporate brochure, inserts, pocket book, promotional gifts, marketing material, website, advertising campaign, external and internal signage. We were also responsible for the signage for each piece of machinery in the large fleet that Skylift sell and hire. The success of this brand was recognised in 2007 when we received a Gold Award in the Irish Design Effectiveness Awards for the branding and implementation of Skylift.